22 October 2016

28 September 2016

Learning Process at Sussex University

Class Activity in Univerity of Sussex. Source here
In Sussex, we treat people with respect and dignity - Susan Newell
Indeed, I give a credit plus to the implementation of the words given. Prof Susan Newell is one of my brilliant motivators in term of studying Information System. I never feel the euphoria before, reading books because I’m curious, asking questions because I would like to know,  or maybe answering cases to know whether mine is appropriate to the context or not. Thank you to her for an impressive impression in my first couples of weeks pursuing my master at Sussex University.

In Sussex, giving the wrong argument is a part of learning process. Asking (even) silly question also part of it. Lecturers never blame the students for making mistakes. Moreover, the most common words I’ve heard during the class session is: impressive, excellent, you’ve almost got it, etc. The best thing about this first two weeks is all about truly being yourself in the way doing the learning process. Everything must be done by ourselves, therefore, classes being a place where we discuss the reading material and the context about We’ve read. Everything is fun, everything is enjoyable. Mistakes are stepstone to improve and push ourselves, of course, beyond our limit. 

Once in Tuesday, in our programming class, I asked about two different concepts and why they are correlated each other. I remember when my lecturer gave the response, increased the volume of his and said:
“That is a top quality question!” 
And yes, after I asked, we spent the rest of our class to discuss it. I even couldn’t describe the sensation I felt at that moment. Well done, well done Sussex! Perhaps one of my biggest lucky is to have an opportunity to attend the class with all of the excellent system, motivating lecturer, and clearly awesome academic environment. 

Good luck for Everyday improvement!

24 September 2016

Pilgub DKI Jakarta: Di antara Ahok, Agus dan Anies.

Pengalaman “melancong” selama lima bulan di ibukota membuat rasa penasaran saya terhadap dunia politik di kota ini menjadi muncul. Kala itu, Januari 2016, menurut hemat saya, rasa-rasanya hampir tidak ada calon pasti yang bisa “menandingi” elektabilitas Ahok. dengan tingkat kemenangan Ahok yang amat begitu tinggi, PILGUB DKI Jakarta saya prediksi berlangsung sepi dan tidak menarik.
Manuver politik yang dilakukan sebatas melempar isu-isu tertentu, entah itu SARA, kebijakan yang tidak populer, dll. Menurut pendapat saya, hal-hal ini tidak akan menambah kemungkinan calon lainnya untuk menang menjadi lebih tinggi.

Kejutan 23 September 2016: Hari Terakhir Pendaftaran Pilgub DKI Jakarta

Saya mengamati tanpa sengaja dinamika politik melalui media sosial dan juga berita online, nampaknya hari ini merupakan hari terakhir pendaftaran Calon Gubernur DKI Jakarta. Respon saya: di luar prediksi dan amat menarik. Muncul nama dua yang tidak asing, diusung oleh poros partai politik masing-masing: Agus Yudhoyono dan Anies Baswedan.

11 August 2016

10 August 2016

VOURNAL #1: A Short Stopover to Cangar, Malang


Aprivisi Ewa Abbas in action!

Cangar, Malang

Despite numerous places to visit to Malang, please try to research more about Cangar. The visitor may reach the destination by an hour from the East Java capital, Malang.  Surrounded by the hills, Cangar is a perfect place to refresh our mind. The weather is also high likely cold, approximately around 16 to 24 Celsius.  Please take a little look!

Antragama Ewa Abbas