(Very) Hectic Month..

Hello world, There are so many things that i want to write. For this two month i totally didn't have any time for my personal quality time. I'd reather think that this activity step by step closer to the end. I will write and elaborate my story later, when i have long interval for one section part of my day.

As I know, i want to tell my feeling about SPARTA HMIF 2011, it's a big important this we have to pass for being a part of familiy in Himpunan Mahasiswa Informatika (HMIF) Bandung Institute Of Technology. 

In other hand, i want to share my experiences abaout OSKM 2012, it's kind of opening ceremony and will be a big moment for new student in 2012. I have to do so many training, simulation, evaluation to prepare those OSKM and work in a big committee.When I was Senior High School Students, OSKM is kinda same with MOS.

And I join this two activities.There was very long story. When everythings okay i will elaborate and tell all of you what happened to me. Sure it was very Tiredness. But in other hand it's gonna be a big and unforgotten experiences.

And there is so many problems in my blog. I think that visitors would angry and abslotely take a respon to close my blog when they open it. Why ? because the design or template of my blog is to danm complicated and make the speed decrase than before. So i try to renew my blog view, now i decided to take a "simple view and elegant" concept. I hope it will increase the speed when people visit my blog, althought my bandwitch radher small.

ASCII's People in Action
Okay, happy i can write again.
As we know this is first day in Ramadhan 1433 H. So forgive me if i have so many mistakes, and i hope we can take as much as possible benefit in this Ramadhan. And then try to be a better person to.

May This Ramadhan be as bright as ever. May this Ramadhan bring joy, health and wealth to you. Happy Ramadhan All :)


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