The bomb has been defused

I've try to install ubuntu on my zenbook UXVD32-R2011 from the third semester until now, but it still doesn't work. So the epic day is coming, i need to defuse the bomb that made by Dr. Evil ! Isn't about how difficult this task, but about my computer which can't install Ubuntu 12.10 or lower version.

Installing ubuntu is the biggest requirment to doing this task, because the file compiled in Unix sytem, so it is not competibel  to run in Windows system. Actually i have two choices to solve for this problem :
  1. - Using dual boot in my Zenbook
  2. - Install virtual machine, then use the Ubuntu iso (it kind of having operating system inside another   operating system)
Well because the first way still didn't work, i need to choose the another way. Yap it is has a big consequence, using virtual machine make the performence of Ubuntu OS going to bad ! so i need to have a big patiencess to pass this task and Ubuntu problem haha 

When i went to the Comblabs USDI to fix this problem, the administrator told me that i need to have Ubuntu 64 bit to install on my laptop, the another one is the reality that my laptop memory consist of 30 GB SSD + 500 GB HDD. The SDD used by boot system so it's make booting performence faster than the other, and the HDD use as a main memory, so i need to learn more about this partition.

Okay how about the task ?
Computer organization and architecture is really awsome subject, but it's need more effort to understand the lesson. In this case i learn to read assembly code, i feel free and awsome to know how this code work ! haha

There are lot's of master who helping me to defuse the bomb, may i mention them? There are Fathoni, Kurni, Andy, Pandu, Aldi, Asep, Fajrin and many more ! i need seven hours in wednesday + two hour in thursday to completely defuse the bomb. This is my aswer :

Verbosity leads to uncelar, inarticulate things.
0 1 1 2 3 5
4 k 962
8 1
5 115
1 3 2 6 4 5

Notification after defusing all bomb :D

Thanks for all who helping me doing this task :D it's new experiences for me to read and understanding Assembly code haha

Best regrats,

Antragama Ewa Abbas


  1. rumit gina -_- tapi untungnya bisa kelar juga uy alhamdulillah hha


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