09/10 Strikes Back

What a sweet reunion ! It's a good tagline for express my feeling after meet the OSIS/MPK 09/10 in the "Bukber random" session. We never get together anymore after graduation farewall. And in that day (2 August 2013), we refresh our memory about things that we have done together. Working Together for two years is not a short time.

The preparation for this event only requires two days. Of course this is very little time to prepare a nice event. But once again this team has always worked fast, smart and agile! Then how we proof it ? with two days we could collect 21/30 (70%) of the members of this team :)

Breaking the fast with the best team and the best people on it. Forgive me for this randomness. Very happy to meet you all. There are few images with better resolution :
Yey the team strikes back !
The another side of Pastagio
Great people !
"The Boys"
Fakhriyudha and Fajar Khalis Ananda
Hutama and Dian Lati
Last foto session on that day :p
Okay see ya soon !


  1. Trus pulangnya ad yg ninggalin gitu demi main dota


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