Finally, after eight years :)

Wow, after all this is the best gift for my holiday. Never think about it before, this event stems from a conversation carried on twitter. We ask about our condition, ecxange our news, and finally mention people who have a relation to us in elementary school.

I graduated from SDN Jawa 2 Martapura in 2005, it's eight years from now. Since it's graduation day, i have never come together again with my friends on my elementary school.

My elementary school located in the Martapura. Martapura is the name of a city's most famous in South Kalimantan. I spent my chilhood in this City :) And that time comes, i moved to the Banjarbaru city to continue my study (at the junior high school). This is the reason why i am totally lost in touch with my friends. I have never come together again, this is not a pleasent condition. At that time, with a heavy heart I left Martapura, then moved to the Banjarbaru.

Of course the story about my elementary school will never be forgotten for me. I already have a place to keep all on those memories. About friends, event, think happend, love, teacher, dreams and many more :D

04 Agstus 2013. It seems an iftar today really made my day ! Housed in Pondok 5, Martapura. We come together to simply share stories and reminisce about our childhood that have lots of happines. There are 29 alumni from sdn Java 2 Martapura present. Atmosphere there was really fluid and fun! Obviously this is the most memorable Iftar and the most fun I've ever experienced. 

Thank you God for giving me the opportunity to attend this reunion :)
Alumni of SDN Jawa 2 Martapura (i)
Alumni of SDN Jawa 2 Martapura (ii)
FYI, this photos was stollen from Ariska Endarian Tari's Instagram :D


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