Another late post : Denny Indrayana

Great moment ! Glad to takes picture with him :)
Have you ever know who is Denny Indrayana ? he is a famous person isn't ? He is'n an actor, but i know him as someone who upholds the law and justice in this country. I just meet him at one of the even which held by State Ministry of Research and Technology in Jakarta.

In the Indonesian Republic Cabinet, he served as deputy minister at ministry of law and human rights. He grow up to be a very cool person. Therefore he became one of my idols !

For what reason ? you should now that he is an alumnus of SMAN 1 Banjarbaru. Yeay, he was educated at the same high school with me. He came from Banjarbaru, and so do i. He was the one who proved that someone who graduates from SMAN 1 Banjararu could be a super cool person haha

keep working on your best Mr.Denny Indrayana ! Hope someday i (we) will be success person just like you :)


  1. Yes, I know him :)
    btw, muka km tegang bgt di foto ahaha. Senyum dikit dong ntraa

  2. wow iya nih tegang abis kakak ! haha btw makasih sudah jadi pengunjung setia blog ini /3


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