Better, soon cured :)

Ah already one week have a little cough. Not to severe, but quite disturbing my activity.  For some reason, a lot of people who are around me experienced the same thing. Bandung is weird :(, feels very cold lately. Maybe this situation (drastic drop temperatur) caused little disruption in the body's defense pattern.

Finally i aks my lovely friend who understand this area. She advised me to get some rest, the diagnosis is simple: I am experiencing fatigue. Ah for some reason i can't follow her insturction. There are lot's of thing wait to do, and actually I do feel very tired. But after all, she suggest me more to buy and consume extra vitamins, it will help my body to get more stronger if i have lot of duty to do.

For now, he said that vitamins will help my body to fight the disease manually. He also advised to immediately buy cough medicine, because the cough is more than three days is not a good thing. Yeah, then i follow her instruction to buy Imboost forces (vitamin) and cough medicine.

Here is the picture, i already consume two of that for two days :)
Wow thanks for great idea. I feel better, and hope soon cured. Let me take a litlle rest, because now is midlle of night a.k.a midnight. I should go to college at seven o'clock tomorrow morning, ah come on it's time to sleep.

Oh my God, this week I had to face the midterms. Wish us luck ! Because in the next Monday we will be free for the strage situation.

Just like the old time : accept it, face it, wins it !


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