Break time !

Yey ! for a normal human, take a little break for any activities are important to do. It's also applies to me :D For this night, i just do not want to do anything. I just want to blogging, surfing, watching TV and other which give me lots of fun and happines.

I have just passed a very tough week, various middle exam which came and went, plus the tasks that kept coming for anywhere made ​​me really saturated. It's seems that i don't want to use my brain to think for this evening HAHA

Computer network closed the nightmare for middle exam week. Though not perfect, i'm very happy to pass the exam well. I can answer 7/8 questions given to me. Although there is no guarantee that my answer is correct, but at least i didn't deliver a blank answer sheet :D

This is the situation when my class doing examination today. This photo came from our asisten professor, Putu Shinoda :

Computer networks examination class.

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