NASA and Instagram.

My preparation for three minutes mid-test at speaking 3 :
Before that we already know that NASA is Aeronautics and Space Administration, the agency of the United States government that is responsible for the nation's civilian space program and for aeronautics and aerospace research. They have lot’s of project, the famous one is the Project Appolo, Skylab and Space Shuttle program.

Today I will share a story about NASA. It’s easy topic, but it’s important and interesting to know. What kind of story ? I named this speech : NASA and Instagram.

In September 2013 NASA launching an official instagram profile that will bring all of you out-of-this world. Lauren Worley, NASA Press Secretary said that the purpose to create official instagram profile is to constantly looking to expand our social media portfolio to include tools that will best tell NASA's story of exploration and discovery. Before launching instagram account, NASA already have facebook, twitter, website and other social media to share NASA’s story.
Instagram has a passionate following of users who are hungry for new and exciting photos. NASA believe that they have some of the most engaging images on and off the planet. NASA will share the photos to all of you. 
Until tomorrow, NASA’s instagram profile almost have 500.000 followers. Three months in, the account is going strong, picking up hundred more followers each day. And that’s as good an excuse as any to have another gawk at 15 of the most awe-inspiring, incredible and moving NASA Instagram photos so far

If you want to see out of the box content, just going to the internet cafes beside our class, and open I guarante that you will find lot’s of stunning photos there. I have the favorite one. A ‘selfie’ photo taken by woman astronot, her picture taken in the control room, there are windows biside her, and rom windowns there is moon and lot’s of star. Trust me it’s very beautiful.

And how to this account manage ? NASA have professional photographer, then the selected photo’s or videos will put in this instagram account. They usually post three until five photos everyday.

So there all of my speech. My conclution why NASA launch istagram account is to continuously improve their relationship between NASA and people. NASA bellive that everyone in this world should be know what actually do outside this plane. So, they using instagram as one way to achive NASA’s goal.


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