Life and Habit : Upper-Intermediate Speaking

How habit formed.
Before i can start the course program, i need to pass the placement test. Why i should take this placement test ? Because i shall know what is the best place for me to develop rapidly. This placement test special for people who want to take the speaking course on Global English Institution.

I've interviewed by Mr.Sukman. He was really friendly person. He asked me about lots of thing. The topic included : Personal introduction, tourism in Banjarmasin, idea about fast food, world war III and NASA. We talked about the topic, he asked me, then i elaborate my question. The placement test was 30 minutes.

Mr.Sukman told me that i can join to the upper-intermediate speaking, it's mean speaking 3 (three). Absolutely i shocked to hear the conclution, because my speech or speaking skill wasn't good enough. FYI, it's only two level higher than upper-intermediate speaking, the first one is expert speaking, the final one is public speaking. So i just recived my fate. 

In the facts, my little conversation with my friend (Inda Kusuma Putra) help me a lots, because we did that conversation every day in our dormitory. We did it because we want to, just like that, very simple. We spoken in English without degrading each other, but build strong carachter on each.

Later, after two weeks i've been here, i get much information, facs, and knowledge about life, especially to learning english. Coming to Pare can't guarante you that you will be better on English. You will get nothing to come here if you hope it's happened automaticly. The one who can change you is yourself.

The two important thing that i learned on Pare and Global English are : Life and Habit


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