New World Order (NWO)

A simple research about conspiracy theory :

As a human being, we actually have a dream that our life is getting better every day. Imagine that we can live in harmony and peace. People living together, there are no war, no civil war, no one hurted by missile destruction, and our life well be peacefull.

So what actually people can do to make this world into a better place ? there are one conspiracy theory that explain about unity of the world. What is the name of the theory ? We can say that new world order. New world order refers to emergence of the totalitarian-one-world-goverment. The common theme in this theory is about an elit group people from different  country who control the word. Their make the regulatiom, make the politic rules, control finance etc. People in this world should do what they want.

During the 20th century, lots of politican using the concept of new world order to change the political maps arund this world. They bellive that global problem in this world cannot be solved by one-nation-concept. The creation of United Nation(PBB), NATO, SCO was the beginning of the tranlation this new wolrd order concept into the rialiy. This global organization always talk about global justice.

So who is the creator about this concept ? there are lots of statement which is spreading in the internet. Many of them refers to the secret organisation such as freemasons, illuminati, jews etc as a driver of this conspiracy theory.
I suggest that as a young generation we should now what actually happen in this world. We should update our information, included our information about this new world order
I do bellive that new world order is a very dangerous conpiracy theory. Only a few of ellite group who control the world . There are no democration anymore, there are no freedom anymore, there are no chache to speak about our opinion anymore. I hope this wolrd is getting better, not worse. 


  1. Nah lo, baru tau ada konspirasi gini2an?
    waktu itu perasaan pernah ngepost lagunya john lennon yg imagine... msh polos ya waktu itu? :D

  2. Betul mas Raosan, belum terlalu ngerti masalah konspirasi waktu itu, dan ternyata berbahaya banget -_-


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