Speaking 3 Class.

Meet with people who have good grades or skills on speaking is frightening, right ? Then if you think your English is good enough and you being an arogant person, you are totally wrong haha

Joining on Speaking 3 Global English made my best spirit is show-off. There are 15 others people who have great skill to speak on English. But the nice idea was, they became my new friend :)

All of this call are really expert, and we can share ideas, knowledges, tricks together. There are some method which used on our class :
1. Debate
2. Battle Speech
3. Pure Speech
4. Inform to Speech 
5. Daily Conversation

and about the topic, it has high difficult phase. We must find about the facts, information and data about the topic everyday. The Topic around : World War 3, Conspiracy Theory, New World Order, Democracy, NASA, Biological Technology and Nuchlear. If you didn't research about the topic, you probably lost on the class. On the other hand : you got the punishment

The reason why i really love this class divided into three : 
1. The Turor
Mr. Novri, was very interactif and nice tutor. He is not only friendly person, but also smart. I feel very pleasent when joining this class.
don't let anybody steal your dream
don't be a copycat from other, because you can't be the best copycat on this world. Just be your self !
Mr.Novri explain about the topic (I)
Mr.Novri explain about the topic (II)
2. The Enviroment
Talk about Enviroment, it directed to my new friend. 15 others people was very nice friend. I'm gonna miss them :")

In the morning, we also have outdor class. Just imagine it was very fresh and anti-mainstream circumstances.

Five vocabulary : i write very simple vocabulary. and ms.Cindy elaborate it become three minutes speaking :D
3. The Common Lesson
In here i learned body leangunge, words failure, eye-contact, spontanity tricks etc. It's make me more confident when speak to the other people, or present my taks to the other.


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