Two hour travelling : Kampung Inggris

Another late post. I heard that my friend, Ima, just took english program courses in Pare too. So i looking for her contact, and i got it :)

Ima was my friend on senior high school, and i'm literally lucky to meet her in this village (actually she is my girlfriend's friend in senior high school). I was new comers in this village, and Ima have stayed here for a month, so she has better knowledge about pare rather than me.
I introduced Ima Khairani Novitasari. Taken while she was riding.
She told me that nothing wonderfull place in pare to travel, but for "plate" place, it's working on it. So i resumed my little travel with Ima on my first day at Kampung Inggris, Pare. Here was the places whom Ima and I visited.

1. Pare's Town Square.
We were going to the north, to Pare's town square. And once more Ima was true, nothing interesting in there, it's only a park and a monument on that town square. We just drank some of juices in that place, i choose rose-apple juices, and ima took the strawberry.
Monument in Pare's town square.
I took photos of me at the park.
2. Brawijaya Street - Heading to Global English (GE) Head Office.
After that we continue our trip to the Global English (GE) head office at Brawijaya 66 street. Our mission is to seek what destination should be take. For your information, at GE head offices, there is a single big map to guide us about Pare. It's has lot's of information such as Swalayan market, ATM, Camp, Tourism guide etc.

3. Garuda Monument.
There was Pancasila words.
 I don't know the history why Garuda Monumet built here. It's better than the anothe monumen which we visited before. Check this photos :
4. An-Nur Mosque.
Next destination was An-nur Mosque, i think it's the biggest mosque in this village. I's has great external and interiour design, just looked like the old english building.
An-Nur Mosquo. Photo of the day :p
From another side.
5. Closing.
We only need two hours to compeletly vised all of those places. Our next destination was : looking for some lunch and going back to our camp/dormitory. 

And i want to say thanks for Ima for guiding me at the day. You are really kind :)


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