I've do my best :) it was really great experience !
I've spending lots of time (maybe for a week) for preparing this election. Our lovely dormitory, AMKS-DL need new leader for the next periode. As a random person, I was appointed as one of the chairman candidates :D

It was really great experiences, i talked to many people on dormitory, asking about nowdays condition, then asking about their hope in the future. For sure i have no ambition to be a leader of this dormitory, but that was my duty to undergo this election process as well as my capability :)

My idea about this dormitory contained on this tagline : #saatnyaMenyala!
Then my point is : "Menjadikan AMKS-DL sebagai Rumah Inspirasi yang Benderang" ; I won't explain the meaning to all of you :p
The Result
I already know (actually i can guess who will be the winner of this election :p) because the second candidate is really senior, he joined this dormitory on 2006.

The total people who live on this dormitory is 40 people. However, only 26 of the that have voting right. The main problem is only several people from this 26 ready to vote (some of them is going back to South Kalimantan), so the total voters must be 17. 

I only get 6 vote from this 17 people, it was mean the second candidate won the election :3 
fun atmosphere of the election :)
Video profile of the candidate
Lets count !
And the second candidate won ! Congrats :D
Let's support the cabinate for beter AMKS-DL ! Thanks for reading (or jsut skimming :p) see you at the next post :)


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