The 'Amazing' One

Watching amazing spiderman, in the amazing time, at the amazing place, with the amazing person - quoted
This picture can't be rotated :(
It was 2th May, while I ended the last day of classes on this 6th semester. It was gonna a big day, after three months struggling with all due of assignment, i finally fell free :)

So what is next ? for a next couple of weeks, i need to face and force the final exam. This is the last gate to pass this semester. Not a bad clue, but i still have lot's of time to enjoying my free time.

The Amzing Spiderman 2
Then i randomly invite my big sister to watch this movie. It's been a long time since i meet her, and i decide to have a little reunion with Her. For sure, I have not gone out with a woman for a a long time too, i just had litle hang out with my friends. And for dating ? it's just discourse :(

Before the movie started, my big sister talked a lot about her thesis, she is definetly an posgraduate student in envoromental engineering ITB :) 

And how about the movie ? Marvell productions still have a great rating on it. Not so special, but amazing spiderman 2 kinda a good movie for your dating, then i'm sure.
 I made a choice; this is my path - Peter parker
Thanks for the sweet movie !


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