They Would Be Met, Soon.

Time to go, Nara was preparing to leave his beloved country, Indonesia. Then, goodbye. Bringing prepared-well suitcase, all the things must be okay now. Nara now looked at the departure lounge, time to boarding. He was really happy, and at the same time, feel sad. 

He stared at his mobile phone, only ordinary mobile phone, exactly. How he always used to be, his mobile phone's walpaper shows a photo of some very, very precious to him. A present, and a future :)

Then he aware that turnover is certaintly, for those who are impatient, Nara Believe Adeleide is a place (furthermore, a beautiful city) where they would be met again.

On those photo, the someone-special looking good with her pretty smile, reflected a trully extraordinary awsome personality :) Time files fastly, and how we know ? that girl just same when they started a year ago, she was always just so pretty.

Quotes last year, from a best-seller-novel whom she really liked most :
"Why you looking at me ?" - She said
"Because you’re beautiful. I enjoy looking at beautiful people, and I decided a while ago not to deny myself the simpler pleasures of existence." I answered, perfectly imperfect  :)
Nara smiled, he was ready. After all this time, his longing always belong to that girl, still same as one year ago, when they were laughing at the first-special call.
So, good luck for your exam, tomorrow :)


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