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Overview : The Waste Recycling Rates

The line chart represents the waste recycling rates in the U.S from 1960 to 2011, in both percentage and tons. In overall condition, the total waste recovery continuously climbed from the first state (in 1960) until the final state (in 2011) as well as the Percent Recycling. Both of this variable reached its peak in the fnal state (Total waste recovery variable on 86.9 tons and percent recycling variable on 34,7%)  Both variable gradually increased from 1960 to 1985. The total waste recovery went up from 5.6 to 16.7 tons while the amount of garbage being recycled remained relatively steady at just over 6%. After this point, there was significant rise from 1980 to 2011.

Overview : Money spent on Books

This line chart represents the money spent on books in various of countries such as Germany, France, Italy and Austria between 1995 and 2005.
From the first state (1995) to the final state (2005), there was a positive trends in money spends on books in all along the country. Germany shows the greatest money spent in book by purchasing up to 90 millions in 2005. Money spent in Germany went up between 1995 and 1999. After this state, there was a decrease point in 1999 to 2003 period. At the final stage, the money spent remained increase until 2005. France and Italy showed proportions approximately similar to each other with fairly constant in 1995-1997 (in 50 until 60 millions) and both reached peaked at the end of 2005.
It’s interesting to note that the money spent on the book from France and Austria keep rise from the first state until the final state.

Asus Zenbook UX32VD : Reborn

Say hello to my prestigious Laptop : Asus Zenbook UX32VD. A long time ago (when i decided to buy this laptop), my personal reason is because i'm falling in love at the first sight, and you now? it's true love. The "body" of this laptop is very sexy and slim. The weight of this laptop is only about 1.47 kilograms with a new generation of an ultrabook. What a Incredible Beauty ! Problems Come.Okay remember when the old people say "don't judge the books by its cover"? This quotes is totally equal to "don't judge the laptops by its body, cover, and generations". Until the times come, here is my personal experience : 1. It's a rare model of Asuz Zeenbook. It's difficult to find the sparepart (including the adaptor, microHD converter or LAN USB) if mine is broken and lost. 2. The combination of SSD and HDD make a complicated and unusual laptop 's architecture. I'm sure mine is a prototyping model :p. I even can't use dual boot s…

When You Suddenly Missing Someone.

Looking up ours captured on memorable travelling journey's photos. Found lots of them and smiling without any reason. So what is next?

Sleeping Life Cycle Problem?

Well i guest on this lovely midnight i want to talk about Sleeping Life Cycle Problem. Then let's ask what happened? I couldn't go to bed earlier like common people. Sleep at midnight over and over, and what is the result? It's difficult to wake up soon at the morning. 
According to my private psychologist (actually she is my girlfriend :p), the best way to solve that one is not going to take a long nap in the afternoon. How can it be? In the other hand (for the annual information), i live in Bandung City now. Bandung? Okay, very cold in afternoon, rainy days, no sunshine on afternoon, make a perfect way to take a long nap.

Then when the situation comes, the best way to deal with it is go away and trying not to come closer from my bed. Thinking about another activity, like : socializing with my friend in dormitory, take a short and simple exercises, open the laptop then doing thesis project (this is very sensitive term!), cooking a food etc.

Okay the next thing to deal with t…

BBC Fanboy? Try "Radio BBC" on Your Android Smartphone

I try to push my self for improving all of ections in English (for personal reason), of course one of them is Listening Section. To do focus or unfocus listening activity, i choose BBC Channel on my Laptop. BBC Channel consist of many choices of programs, such as : music channel, tips, film review, hot news ets. You can find almost everything here :)
Feel troubled using your laptop everyday just for listening this BBC Channel? Find this application: BBC News, availabe almost in Android version. Now with your smartphone on your pocket, everthing turning into simple activity. I'm usually listen to this programm before i go to bed. Select the BBC Radio Channel 1 on 23.00, and listen to TOP 40 music of the day programm. Enjoy !

Social Media : Decided to (A Half) Quit

It is time for going back. Hello my old blog, how are you? Let's write about one thing : social media. The most distraction ever and ever. Why we should using this social media? Instead of instagram, Facebook, Path, and the other.

Remember the most reasonable argument? to connenting people. On the first time using social media (registered on Instagram and Path) with my new device, i feel enjoy and happy to look up my old friend there. Time flies, and what;'s next? i find something wrong.

According to Hipwee, there are few reasons why we should stop using social media :
1. Use our time productively without less distraction2. Change our routine using social media to another activity, such as : reading, excercising, watching movie etc.3. You know who is your "real" friend4. Do something becouse you enjoy and happy to do it, not because you want to get more "like"5. Get another achievement6. Not comparing your life to other :)7. Not comparing? you can gr…