Asus Zenbook UX32VD : Reborn

Say hello to my prestigious Laptop : Asus Zenbook UX32VD. A long time ago (when i decided to buy this laptop), my personal reason is because i'm falling in love at the first sight, and you now? it's true love. The "body" of this laptop is very sexy and slim. The weight of this laptop is only about 1.47 kilograms with a new generation of an ultrabook. What a Incredible Beauty !
Increadible Beauty ! (

Problems Come.

Okay remember when the old people say "don't judge the books by its cover"? This quotes is totally equal to "don't judge the laptops by its body, cover, and generations". Until the times come, here is my personal experience :
1. It's a rare model of Asuz Zeenbook. It's difficult to find the sparepart (including the adaptor, microHD converter or LAN USB) if mine is broken and lost.
2. The combination of SSD and HDD make a complicated and unusual laptop 's architecture. I'm sure mine is a prototyping model :p. I even can't use dual boot system when i need Linux OS on my laptop. 
3. The case is very "sensitive". 
4. After one year, the system performance (including the speed) is going down desperately.


Spending almost 700K (total) to :
1. Finally find the shop (called USA Charger) to find this rare type of adaptors (case mine is not work)
2. Re-install Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2013 (Original version and i'm proud of it :p )
3. Solve keyboard and screen connector case problems.
The beauty is back !
Say hello ! The beauty is back and time to show your great performence, dude !


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