BBC Fanboy? Try "Radio BBC" on Your Android Smartphone

I try to push my self for improving all of ections in English (for personal reason), of course one of them is Listening Section. To do focus or unfocus listening activity, i choose BBC Channel on my Laptop. BBC Channel consist of many choices of programs, such as : music channel, tips, film review, hot news ets. You can find almost everything here :)

Feel troubled using your laptop everyday just for listening this BBC Channel? Find this application: BBC News, availabe almost in Android version.
Screen captured of Radio BBC applciation
Now with your smartphone on your pocket, everthing turning into simple activity. I'm usually listen to this programm before i go to bed. Select the BBC Radio Channel 1 on 23.00, and listen to TOP 40 music of the day programm. Enjoy !


  1. oh i see, nulis lagi di blog ini untuk latihan writing persiapan IELTS ya?


  2. Salah satunya Gilang ! Semangat juga buat IELTS-nya ya :)

  3. Is the listening section in IELTS using british english?


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