Sleeping Life Cycle Problem?

Well i guest on this lovely midnight i want to talk about Sleeping Life Cycle Problem. Then let's ask what happened? I couldn't go to bed earlier like common people. Sleep at midnight over and over, and what is the result? It's difficult to wake up soon at the morning. 

According to my private psychologist (actually she is my girlfriend :p), the best way to solve that one is not going to take a long nap in the afternoon. How can it be? In the other hand (for the annual information), i live in Bandung City now. Bandung? Okay, very cold in afternoon, rainy days, no sunshine on afternoon, make a perfect way to take a long nap.

Then when the situation comes, the best way to deal with it is go away and trying not to come closer from my bed. Thinking about another activity, like : socializing with my friend in dormitory, take a short and simple exercises, open the laptop then doing thesis project (this is very sensitive term!), cooking a food etc.

Okay the next thing to deal with this problem is to cut my sleeping time from 8-10 hours (if i'm not in hectic condition) to 6-7 hours a day. It is very difficult life cycle to do :""). I need more energy and motivation to make the reality comes true (hah?)

For Three Things

For three things should be done on my final semster (Insha Allah)
 “Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than one with all the facts.”atc - Life’s Little Instructions
Then the final question, as my private psychologis said to me too : In every morning we have a great choices, continue our sleep then keep dreaming, or wake up and catch them.

Please remind me when I lost my way :)


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