Social Media : Decided to (A Half) Quit

It is time for going back. Hello my old blog, how are you? Let's write about one thing : social media. The most distraction ever and ever. Why we should using this social media? Instead of instagram, Facebook, Path, and the other.

Remember the most reasonable argument? to connenting people. On the first time using social media (registered on Instagram and Path) with my new device, i feel enjoy and happy to look up my old friend there. Time flies, and what;'s next? i find something wrong.

According to Hipwee, there are few reasons why we should stop using social media :

  1. 1. Use our time productively without less distraction
  2. 2. Change our routine using social media to another activity, such as : reading, excercising, watching movie etc.
  3. 3. You know who is your "real" friend
  4. 4. Do something becouse you enjoy and happy to do it, not because you want to get more "like"
  5. 5. Get another achievement
  6. 6. Not comparing your life to other :)
  7. 7. Not comparing? you can grateful more aout what you have. 
Are you on dating? hopeless dating actually, you both are disconected.
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I spend more time on things that matter and people that matter, really matter. “And what about cool pic that my friend just took with his newly bought cool smartphone, at newly opened cool bar?” — Nothing, absolutely nothing. I’ll see it, in the evening on laptop, or on the next morning on tablet, or some day, or maybe, I will completely miss this “incredible” event. But who cares?.”  

Decided to quit. 

how about trying to quit using social media? who cares about what are people doing, right? i feel something wrong : people showing off their life, happiness, togetherness etc. Ironically, they are actually kind of pseudo things :)

Trying to logging off my social media (actually this is personal choice to support my final project activity) let's try it, is it gonna work?


  1. Ada angin apa tiba tiba nulis di blog ini lagi?


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