A Story of LPDP EduFair 2015

On January 30, 2015. I and my friends from same major went to LPDP EduFair 2015 held by The Ministry of Finance Republic of Indonesia. LPDP EduFair is a scholarship promotion and explanation for the one who want to continue their school to Master and Doctoral Programm (both domestic and overseas). Moreover, there were a couple of university representation who give a brief explanation about their university.
Rundown of LPDP Edu Fair 2015

What did i get?

These is a wise question. After big journey from Bandung to Jakarta, with fighting to the traffic and non ergonomic seat, i finally see something spectacular on this Edu Fair. What is that? It's about the spirit from the people who came to this event. People from different cities gather here and made this place too crowded, even if just for walk. Lots of people want to continue their education to the higher level, and it made me not feeling alone here. Then I walked around and looking for some information which might be useful for me. Finding some booklet, asking a question and the others.
The Main Stage
Crowded situation belongs to here !

The IELTS Simulation

Something that interested me is the IELTS Simulation. I joined the IELTS Simulation test on the another area (but still in the same building). Actually i do not have a ticket for joined this IELTS Simulation, when the gate keeper off their guard, i just come in a taraaaaa, here i am :))

The simulation consist of four sections, they were : Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing. Not all of this section discussed in depth explanation. Only the most important subject and the things that we must aware. And how about the score? Mine is remain on avarege. See you and i will beat this IELTS someday :)


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