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Last Hit of Bachelor Thesis Defense : "The Wept of Joy"

After long fought in dresrossa arc (the arc took almost one years), Luffy has perfectly finished Doffy in his last single blow called "King Kong Gun". Please take a look in his face (at the left of the picture), Luffy was smiling in his exhausted condition. 
Same here.As well as the ending of this final arc, after struggling for six months, i have officially done my final presentation for Bachelor Thesis. From my perception, this phase is the most horrible phase which i must faced. After everything was over, I returned to the dorm. I laid myself to my bed. Closed my eyes, then the wept of joy fell from my eyelid. I've almost graduated.  If you really want to do something, you will find a way. If you don’t, you will find an excuse – Jim RohnCheers,

Smart city technology initiative: a beta of the abstraction

An hour minimum requirement doing bachelor thesis for each day (exclude the weekend), feel like i have "no pain" to (almost) finished my final one. Started at 19 may, 2015, time truly flew. Here is my beta of the abstraction, which hasn't verified by the master one (both the content and the english written formatting). Just click the image below if you wanna read for any purposes. Hopefully the next steps of my thesis defense will be going well. Enjoy your holiday, fellas!

Periplus: An Heaven for Imported Book Hunter.

Have any readers ever heard about Periplus before? If the answer is no, here is a brief explanation about Periplus. Periplus is kindly an online and offline book store which sell thousands of imported book in Indonesia. They have almost nine store location in our country.
As we know, it is relatively hard to find english book in our book store, as i can mention it: Gramedia, Togamas, etc. The previously bookstore i've ever visited do not sell any kind of those books. They only sell in a small of numbers. But in here? You can find and see miracle happened. The only weaknesses of buying imported book is all about the prices. Periplus almost sell all of the books in the high prices, it is all above IDR 100.000,-. Nevertheless, as i though it is worth to spend your money for buying the new one. Just keep in mind before you buy, remember that reading the English book isn't same as reading the Indonesian book, my concern is about the speed (especially for beginner like me).
It is all …

SBMPTN 2015: Remember.

Selected as one of the observer for SBMPTN examination, i got a little reminder for my self (as well as the high amount of money :p). Remember? while i was in the same position like them, i didn't need to take a very difficult examination. It was a big problem if i took that exam, i could guess that my chance to get selected is almost zero. Everyone have their on path, it could be in the first opportunity, either in the second and the third. We have our on way, so i strongly believe that there is no reason to compare our life to others. Then back to the story of the SBMPTN, i saw a struggling eyes on theirs. Guess what? they was just trying to reach their dreams, bringing them to the next level. May Allah give the best result for who was never giving up in studying, praying, and exercising.
Before the class started and finished, i guided them to pray. I saw enthusiasm and expectations in this lovely class. Although Everybody got nervous, they did the exam well and nothing bad happen…

Moved the workplace: UGM's Central Library.

During early june, 2015. I had a chance to change my entire workplace in order to make a progressive progress on my bachelor thesis. The happiest things was about doing it in another prestigious university assisted with your lovely one. The central library of Gadjah Mada University consist of six floor (if i may not wrong) and had cubicle concept to facilitate the student studying, working, and sleeping there :p Before i leaved the library, i had taken my personal photo on the front of the central library which was the big bilboard officially located. See ya, Fellas! has down

After two month never opened my personal blog, my previous domain: has finally down. I cannot use it until the end of july. I lost all of my traffict, all of my index in google, as well as my lovely domain. 
This is the time to reborn, rebuild, and redesign this personal blog after an half year of vacuum. See ya, fellas!