Periplus: An Heaven for Imported Book Hunter.

Have any readers ever heard about Periplus before? If the answer is no, here is a brief explanation about Periplus. Periplus is kindly an online and offline book store which sell thousands of imported book in Indonesia. They have almost nine store location in our country.

As we know, it is relatively hard to find english book in our book store, as i can mention it: Gramedia, Togamas, etc. The previously bookstore i've ever visited do not sell any kind of those books. They only sell in a small of numbers. But in here? You can find and see miracle happened.
Thousands of imported book. This photo was took by my personal camera.
The only weaknesses of buying imported book is all about the prices. Periplus almost sell all of the books in the high prices, it is all above IDR 100.000,-. Nevertheless, as i though it is worth to spend your money for buying the new one. Just keep in mind before you buy, remember that reading the English book isn't same as reading the Indonesian book, my concern is about the speed (especially for beginner like me).

It is all for today, happy Friday for the one who celebrate it (because tomomrrow is weekend, fellas!) See you in the next level.


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