SBMPTN 2015: Remember.

Selected as one of the observer for SBMPTN examination, i got a little reminder for my self (as well as the high amount of money :p). Remember? while i was in the same position like them, i didn't need to take a very difficult examination. It was a big problem if i took that exam, i could guess that my chance to get selected is almost zero. Everyone have their on path, it could be in the first opportunity, either in the second and the third. We have our on way, so i strongly believe that there is no reason to compare our life to others.
The test taker was doing the exam while i walked through the class
Then back to the story of the SBMPTN, i saw a struggling eyes on theirs. Guess what? they was just trying to reach their dreams, bringing them to the next level. May Allah give the best result for who was never giving up in studying, praying, and exercising.

Before the class started and finished, i guided them to pray. I saw enthusiasm and expectations in this lovely class. Although Everybody got nervous, they did the exam well and nothing bad happened in the class.

So just it fellas because it's the time to call somebody! See ya!


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