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Cibodas Village and Its Beauty

Through the KKN (Kuliah Kerja Nyata) held by UGM (Gadjah Mada University), I have an opportunity to meet my GF more often, since she has decided to join the program in Cibodas village, Bandung. To reach this village, I need to ride my motorcycle for around a half hour. I've taken the way through Dago Giri street, then cross over the famous Maribaya street.
If I'm not mistaken, this village is surrounded by hill, which make it has low temperature comparing to Bandung city. This place is quite calm, where the metropolitan life rarely found in here. Peace By its condition, to they who want to find another peace, I strongly recommended you to take a look and spare your free time here. The "greenest" will make another perspective of what life is. What The Real Beauty Is -Antragama Ewa Abbas

Almost Good Bye: ITB

As time goes, the bachelor college daily activity will be ended soon. Four years aren't a short time, thousands of memories have been collected. The twin labtek on the frame acts as a passive artifact, whom I spent lots of time studying, discussing and researching about final project there. 
I will see you when I see you lovely buildings! Let's see where destiny brings me in the next step of post graduate college life.
-Antragama Ewa Abbas

Am I?

Kalau memang terlihat rumit lupakanlah. Itu jelas bukan cinta sejati kita. Cinta sejati selalu sederhana. Quoted from Tere Liye famous novel: "Bulan". A question then belongs to me. Am I simple enough to defend the wall? Perhaps the problems came because of my simplicity have gone through the sky. I destroyed my personal defense. I should rethink the strategy.

A Journey: Blue Lake

One of the famous travelling destinations in South Borneo (which is my Hometown) is Blue Lake. Typically, this lake was formed by mining activity in these recent years.
To reach the place, the travelers must go to the north (from Martapura city) for approximately an hour a half. The best way to go is using a motorcycle, because the destination is kindly hard to reached by others.  Well, how does it look? Disclaimer No matter how blue either the sky or the lake was, this day just another abstract day.



Kali ini memercikkan hal yang berbeda. Rintihannya sederhana, namun jangan pernah salah.

Pergerakannya mendekat sederhana, namun rasanya sama.

Malam tidak bisa memberikan apapun, hanya tumpahan kegelapan yang melanda ruas.

Malam kali ini akan sama untuk malam-malam selanjutnya.

Untuk aku yang bertahan, maka tetaplah jaga gelapnya.

Hingga kelak. Pagi.
Disclaimer. This article has written in July 2015, to remind the spirit of hope, to remember the words of "worrying".

The storm is Approaching Closely: The Another Hardest Part.

Alike the previous chapter, while i'm talking about "the wept of joy", the new chapter of this story is going to be different. Because of the strom which i feared the most is approaching closely, the things are going to be awkward for a whole. I need to rearrange my perception, rebuild my way, and resync my tunes to pretend everything are okay.
After a year, this day has finally come. The plan and the strategy are recognized by me before, but based on the fact given, i haven't ready yet to face the truth. 
The only hope which I have is the promises that announce into the deepest of myself: everything will be alright, no need to worry too much because those feelings will break mine. Only if I have positive feeling, so I can struggle well that I WILL WIN.
Will I Am being a winner after all? This is totally battle between the positive and negative mind, this is actually fight between trusts against worries.
Casey Newton: There are two wolves who are always fighting. One…