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The Most Significant Transportation Innovation: Aircraft

From my point of view, the most significant transportation innovation of the past 200 years is aircraft. Aircraft have been fulfilled thousands dream of people by discovering a new way to go. The world has successfully been changed since the innovation found.
First of all, the first reason of aircraft is titled as the most innovative transportation discovery over the world because of its efficiency. The efficiency comes from the time domain. Comparing to the old one, to transport people from one island to another one required long time of period and process. One of the examples is condition in Indonesia.  To move people from the Kalimantan Island to Java Island, the amount of time necessary is about three days. Transforming to the new way, it only takes forty five minutes to reach the next point of destination (Java Island). This is only one example, I strongly believe we saved and reduced the amount of time necessary from 100% to 10%.The efficiency goes along the secondary requireme…

Happy 70th Independence Day, My Country!

Every commemoration about Indonesia Independence Day always has different stories, but one thing that I know is about the spirit, the spirit to be proud as an Indonesian! Through tons of hindrance in difference sector: economic, politic, and technology, we Indonesian always love our country. Different ways Take a look in the smallest community in geographical sector, like village. Different tradition, attraction, traditional competition was organized to bring the spirit of independence to the deepest part of our heart. Some people contributes in prestigious ceremony, the other contribute as a committee in independence day activity, where ever someone attended invitation to the government house. We are here same, we bring back our spirit through this commemoration event. Happy birthday, happy birthday, Indonesia.

AYLA-ASEAN Youth Exchange 2015 (5): Pulau Ubin Camp

I am going to to tell my lovely strangers about one of the most memorable activity during the AYLA Youth Exchange 2015, Pulau Ubin Camp. This camp was held on 1 to 3 August 2015, with nobody expected what will be happened on the camp. For your information, this camp jus like Hunger Games, we need to survive without toilet, without taking shower, without bed, decent meal, etc. Luckily, i'd experienced worse then this camp, when i hiked to Cikuray Mountain in my country.  AYLA Initiation Night During the long night, we'd had camp fire activity. After that, on that wonderful night, we'd officially been inaugurated as an Asean Youth Leader Association (AYLA) new member after fought in confident walk to overcome our fear. 
We also needed to perform our skill/ability to amuse the current member of AYLA-International. I really had no idea in that time, so i just look up my phone, looking the lyrics of a song, then singing like a pro. The Whole Activity As a summary of the activi…

The Ideas to Inhibit Deforestation

Deforestation caused by human activity is happening in many parts of the world, with serious results in environment. To inhibit the impacts of deforestation, there are many possible things to be done which will be explained in this essay. First of all, the idea comes from the law sectors. The government and the law actors must create and implement the law about deforestation. If some specifics private sector want to do the logging activity, they must passed the environment impact test from certified institute. One of the example is the law that implemented in Indonesia. This law is called AMDAL (Environmental Impact Assessment). The AMDAL test included the various sectors of environmental, such as: infrastructure, neighborhood psychological, habitats assessment impact, etc. If those private sector pass the examination and assessment, they could do the logging activity based on the contract on the AMDAL.
The second idea is about keeping the logging target as a natural resource. Rather th…

AYLA-ASEAN Youth Exchange 2015 (4): Sentosa Island

I have never been dream before to take a single shoot in Universal Studio, Singapore. Luckily, the session today was organized in the Sentosa Island where the Universal Studio is located. The 3rd day activity was amazing race. Amazing race is a competition to complete the quest which had been given by the instructor. In order to complete the tasks, the participant must go to somewhere based on the clue given. After find the "secret place", we must do something to fulfill the request. The more you complete the task, the more you give the points.  Sontosa Island The term of "island" here is absolutely the "true island" because the total amount of the area is totally big. In my opinion, I need about a month to try one by one the playground arenas. During this amazing race, we had an opportunity to explore the big maps of Sentosa Island, such as: Siloso point, Beaches and Imbiah Lookout. The Bikini BarNo, there are no one using "bikini" in the midd…

Taman Begonia: A Short Review

The first question i need to ask you, readers: are a flowers devotee? If yes, then I truly recommended this park for You as a must-place-to-visit. Begonia park is located in Lembang, West Java. To reach the destination, you just need about 15 minutes from the central location in Lembang.
Begonia park have a ton of flowers and vegetables habitat on their area. The scenery from this place is really photogenic, which means every spot is the best place to take a photo. The another best thing to do: bring someone who you loved here.

Boy Scout: Grand Champion

In Indonesia, 14th August is the day we Indonesian celebrate the 54th Boy Scout Anniversary. As Indonesian, Boy Scout activity had been introduced since primary school. The first time i joined this activity was in the fourth years student in primary school.  Thousands of memories have been made by joining the activity, such as: camping, camp fire, confident walk, etc. When I realize, I feel little bit missing those moments.  The Grand Champion One of the memorable activity is a camping contest. Being representative of our school, we won almost five titles on different sectors, which made us crowned as a grand champion. That day, was a very prestigious for me. Here is the picture of ours. After that day, i continued my contribution in Boy Scout community until my final year in senior high school.  I've never regret about my decision entering the boy scout life  Antragama Ewa Abbas.

AYLA-ASEAN Youth Exchange 2015 (3): The Values of a Leader

One of the most inspiring speech during the GYLS 2015 was given by Mr. Lee Kuan Yew granddaughter. She was talking about the values of being a leader. Want to know more about this value? Let me explain for you, beloved strangers. Initiative,an ability to know what to do and how to do next.Determination,an ability to struggle and survive in hard condition to reach the goal. For myself, the value of initiative had been introduced since senior high school when I joined the student council (OSIS/MPK). In order to survive in this community, initiative was the first thing necessary to solve the array of hindrance. Before our superior told us what to do, we need to think about myriad solution based on the problems. 
The second value, determination, is a condition when someone defend their self for giving up. Without conscious, we always implement this value in our life. So strangers, believe to your self that old poem always said:  "Great leaders are made, not born"

AYLA-ASEAN Youth Exchange 2015 (2): GYLS 2015

Global Youth Leader Summit (GYLS) 2015 is annual event held by Agape CL company to celebrate the diversity in ASEAN. This year, GYLS become extremely special because the event collaborate with Bishan Park Secondary School to celebrate Singapore golden jubilee (SG50) celebrations.
The main theme of GYLS 2015 is "Happiness and Resilience". The idea brings in the commemoration of the late Mr. Lee Kuan Yew. AYLA's Roles As a representative from our country, the AYLA members from different country need to prepare a booth. Of course, the booth must be interactive. The goals of our roles are promoting the identity, the character, as well as the national beauty (such as cuisine, stuff, tourism, etc.). We need to promote our own country.

AYLA-ASEAN Youth Exchange 2015 (1): Changi Airport

Hello my dearest blog, let me write about the previous memories of AYLA-ASEAN Youth Exchange 2015. This event held on 29 July until 08 August 2015. The event divided into three big parts, which are: Global Youth Leader Summit (GYLS) 2015;AYLA's team building, leadership, and communication training;SING50 as a part of Singapore's golden jubilee (50th) anniversary. Changi Airport Changi Airport was my first destination to visit when i arrived at Changi Airport (The busiest transit airport in ASEAN). As my first experience visiting Singapore, the testimony for this airport is "big wow".
Arrived at terminal 3, the Indonesian delegates was picked up by the president of AYLA-International, Neil Soria. We moved to the terminal 2, and gathered with the others who arrived earlier in this airport. Before we went to dormitory, we took a photo for showing to the world we've just known each other, and will be friends until after ever. AUSA Reunion I was also meet my friend fr…