AYLA-ASEAN Youth Exchange 2015 (3): The Values of a Leader

One of the most inspiring speech during the GYLS 2015 was given by Mr. Lee Kuan Yew granddaughter. She was talking about the values of being a leader. Want to know more about this value? Let me explain for you, beloved strangers.
  1. Initiative, an ability to know what to do and how to do next.
  2. Determination, an ability to struggle and survive in hard condition to reach the goal.
For myself, the value of initiative had been introduced since senior high school when I joined the student council (OSIS/MPK). In order to survive in this community, initiative was the first thing necessary to solve the array of hindrance. Before our superior told us what to do, we need to think about myriad solution based on the problems. 

The second value, determination, is a condition when someone defend their self for giving up. Without conscious, we always implement this value in our life.
Lee Kwan Yew - The Man and His Ideas (source: Tuchen)
So strangers, believe to your self that old poem always said: 
"Great leaders are made, not born"


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