AYLA-ASEAN Youth Exchange 2015 (4): Sentosa Island

I have never been dream before to take a single shoot in Universal Studio, Singapore. Luckily, the session today was organized in the Sentosa Island where the Universal Studio is located. The 3rd day activity was amazing race. Amazing race is a competition to complete the quest which had been given by the instructor. In order to complete the tasks, the participant must go to somewhere based on the clue given. After find the "secret place", we must do something to fulfill the request. The more you complete the task, the more you give the points. 

Sontosa Island

The term of "island" here is absolutely the "true island" because the total amount of the area is totally big. In my opinion, I need about a month to try one by one the playground arenas. During this amazing race, we had an opportunity to explore the big maps of Sentosa Island, such as: Siloso point, Beaches and Imbiah Lookout.
A group photo from the "B", we prefer to take a break than miss a special case in Universal Studio.
Zooming in the frame: Indonesian, Thai and Filipino

The Bikini Bar

The Bikini Bar in the Siliso Beach
No, there are no one using "bikini" in the middle of afternoon. Sure, my GF could kill me if I go to this certain place. *kidding
See you soon, fellas!


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