AYLA-ASEAN Youth Exchange 2015 (5): Pulau Ubin Camp

I am going to to tell my lovely strangers about one of the most memorable activity during the AYLA Youth Exchange 2015, Pulau Ubin Camp. This camp was held on 1 to 3 August 2015, with nobody expected what will be happened on the camp. For your information, this camp jus like Hunger Games, we need to survive without toilet, without taking shower, without bed, decent meal, etc.
Luckily, i'd experienced worse then this camp, when i hiked to Cikuray Mountain in my country.
Pulau Ubin Camp: We have set up the tend.

 AYLA Initiation Night

During the long night, we'd had camp fire activity. After that, on that wonderful night, we'd officially been inaugurated as an Asean Youth Leader Association (AYLA) new member after fought in confident walk to overcome our fear. 

We also needed to perform our skill/ability to amuse the current member of AYLA-International. I really had no idea in that time, so i just look up my phone, looking the lyrics of a song, then singing like a pro.
Me during the initiation night (Pulau Ubin, Singapore)

The Whole Activity

As a summary of the activity, we've always done the tons of tasks to reach the goal: AYLA's team building, leadership, and communication training. For my self, the biggest impact was the more spirit i've gained to know, to work and to interact with my new friends until the rest of the camp. 
Waie (Brunie), Fa (Thailand), Yuli, Yana, Fiya (Indonesia) and Rayu (Cambodia) tried to completed the tasks.

At The End

At the end, i've won. Not no win the trophy, but to win and appreciate that i've tried to overcome my fear and ego.
Credits: To someone really special who've been very patient during the Pulai Ubin Camp, thank you so much. I'm really appreciate what You have done :) 


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