Boy Scout: Grand Champion

In Indonesia, 14th August is the day we Indonesian celebrate the 54th Boy Scout Anniversary. As Indonesian, Boy Scout activity had been introduced since primary school. The first time i joined this activity was in the fourth years student in primary school. 
54th Boy Scout Anniversary (Source:
Thousands of memories have been made by joining the activity, such as: camping, camp fire, confident walk, etc. When I realize, I feel little bit missing those moments. 

The Grand Champion

One of the memorable activity is a camping contest. Being representative of our school, we won almost five titles on different sectors, which made us crowned as a grand champion. That day, was a very prestigious for me. Here is the picture of ours.
SMAN 1 Banjarbaru troops crowned as a grand champion.
After that day, i continued my contribution in Boy Scout community until my final year in senior high school. 
I've never regret about my decision entering the boy scout life
 Antragama Ewa Abbas. 


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