Happy 70th Independence Day, My Country!

Every commemoration about Indonesia Independence Day always has different stories, but one thing that I know is about the spirit, the spirit to be proud as an Indonesian! Through tons of hindrance in difference sector: economic, politic, and technology, we Indonesian always love our country.

Different ways

Take a look in the smallest community in geographical sector, like village. Different tradition, attraction, traditional competition was organized to bring the spirit of independence to the deepest part of our heart. Some people contributes in prestigious ceremony, the other contribute as a committee in independence day activity, where ever someone attended invitation to the government house. We are here same, we bring back our spirit through this commemoration event.
Panjat Pinang, a traditional game in Indonesia to celebrate our Independence Day (was taken during the celebration, 17th August 2015, Cisitu Lama, Bandung) 
Happy birthday, happy birthday, Indonesia. 


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