The Ideas to Inhibit Deforestation

Deforestation caused by human activity is happening in many parts of the world, with serious results in environment. To inhibit the impacts of deforestation, there are many possible things to be done which will be explained in this essay.
Illustration - Deforestation in Indonesia. Source: worldwildlife
First of all, the idea comes from the law sectors. The government and the law actors must create and implement the law about deforestation. If some specifics private sector want to do the logging activity, they must passed the environment impact test from certified institute. One of the example is the law that implemented in Indonesia. This law is called AMDAL (Environmental Impact Assessment). The AMDAL test included the various sectors of environmental, such as: infrastructure, neighborhood psychological, habitats assessment impact, etc. If those private sector pass the examination and assessment, they could do the logging activity based on the contract on the AMDAL.

The second idea is about keeping the logging target as a natural resource. Rather than cut down the trees, the top executive from the industry sector can make those natural area as a recreation and tourism business. The executive could make a possibility analysis and benchmarking, which one is create more valuable profit. The example of successful natural tourism mainly located in West Java, Indonesia. There are hundreds of natural tourism that gained huge profit, like The Lodge, The Ranch, The Tangkuban Parahu, etc. 

The third idea is about campaign solution. The youth can make a movement together to create a brand to prevent forest from illegal logging. This movement can create social punishment to the suspects. Lots of organization have successfully made massive publication and campaign to citizen, one of them are GreenPeace. 

Based on the opinion (law sectors, opportunity in tourism, and campaign solutions), I do believe three brief explanation of my essay can be done to solve the deforestation caused by human activity. 


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