The Most Significant Transportation Innovation: Aircraft

From my point of view, the most significant transportation innovation of the past 200 years is aircraft. Aircraft have been fulfilled thousands dream of people by discovering a new way to go. The world has successfully been changed since the innovation found.

First of all, the first reason of aircraft is titled as the most innovative transportation discovery over the world because of its efficiency. The efficiency comes from the time domain. Comparing to the old one, to transport people from one island to another one required long time of period and process. One of the examples is condition in Indonesia. 
To move people from the Kalimantan Island to Java Island, the amount of time necessary is about three days. Transforming to the new way, it only takes forty five minutes to reach the next point of destination (Java Island). This is only one example, I strongly believe we saved and reduced the amount of time necessary from 100% to 10%.The efficiency goes along the secondary requirement to travel, such as food, medical instrument, etc. The longer time needed, the more secondary requirement necessary. The provider can save the fund to improve the other service in transportation process.

Secondly, I support the idea choosing an airplane because of connectivity. Connectivity refers to transport or move someone from one place to another place. Before the discovery, it was really hard to move person in long travel journey.They will face the massive drawbacks, such as: lack of efficiency of time domain, the hard journey to move easily from a point the others, the environment variables, etc. Connectivity will raise the economic level of an isolated district (trading process now able to perform), it will also bring the opportunity to developed district to find more opportunity, make an agreement of partnership, etc.

Thus, based on my elaborated perspective above, I state that the most significant transportation of the past 200 years is aircraft. The conclusion of my opinion is about efficiency and connectivity.
This awesome photo was shoot by Muhammad Fajrin (@mhfajrin


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