Gunung Putri Lembang: A Short Way to Remember

In the last previous weekend, AMKS-DL team decided to take a simple hiking to Gunung Putri, Lembang. Instead of made a holistic preparation, We've just made it as simple as we can. Two hours preparation was obviously enough. 

Departure Time

The journey itself took almost two hours until We reach the first spot at the nearest village. After that, We need to carry our self for approximately two our to hike the mountain. 
Don't ever underestimate the journey, or trouble will come in may ways - Captain
Based on the quotes from my captain, I did the journey with full of awareness and concentration. although it only took two hours, the weather was absolutely unfriendly. Windy, rainy, cold, it was just like made me worries about hypothermia - the problem was, we started to hike at 9 pm. 

Midnight Session

Through camp fire and lots of game, the team were not slept until reach the midnight. We also cooked noodles and anything W'd had to full fill our stomach. Stories, laugh, craziness were absolutely blend become one. 
Asrama Mahasiswa Kalimantan Selatan - Demang Lehman (AMKS-DL) at the midnight session.

Catch The Sunrise

The summit attack wasn't terrible as I have previously thought. It only took 15 minutes to reach the highest point at Gunung Putri. The good news was, it was sunrise over there!
In frame: Ferry Irawan
Trying to make a perfect yellow ball!

A Moment Before Went Back Home

The worst part about travelling or hiking is about the preparation for going back, and it happened again! There were some many stuff to be cleaned, and I decided to take a break instead of helping the others - poor me. So here is the best photo at the moment before went back home.
Look how the way We smile!


The thing that I loved the most about travelling is about going far away from our comfort zone. The drawbacks of having food, sanitation, or even find a decent place to sleep always give me a lesson how should I grateful for all that I have now. 
Time to take a break, see you fellas on my online diary,
Antragama Ewa Abbas 


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