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VOURNAL #2: Meseum Angkut, Malang

VOURNAL #2The destination is indeed one of the travel wish list if You go to Malang, East Java. The visitor of Museum Angkut may be given the opportunities to explore the numerous famous cities all around the world.

VOURNAL #1: A Short Stopover to Cangar, Malang

VOURNAL #1 Cangar, MalangDespite numerous places to visit to Malang, please try to research more about Cangar. The visitor may reach the destination by an hour from the East Java capital, Malang.  Surrounded by the hills, Cangar is a perfect place to refresh our mind. The weather is also high likely cold, approximately around 16 to 24 Celsius.  Please take a little look!
Antragama Ewa Abbas

Tips Mengurus Visa Tier 4 (General) Student UK (II): Pengisian Aplikasi Online dan Appointment

Tulisan ini merupakan lanjutan dari tips pengurusan Visa Tier 4 (General) yang telah saya tulis sebelumnya. Tulisan terdahulu: klik di sini.

Ramadhan and Lebaran 1437 H (1): Family Time

Ramadhan 1437 H was one of my prestigious moment in 2016. Despite the employment status in Citi, I got a wonderful access to apply my resignation letter. Then, it was approved perfectly. 
I spent my first two weeks in Ramadhan in Jakarta, conducted Iftar party with various communities, such as: LPDP mates, high school fellas, and Citibankers. All of them were absolutely interesting, but when the timing has come, yeah! Time to go home!