Ramadhan and Lebaran 1437 H (1): Family Time

Ramadhan 1437 H was one of my prestigious moment in 2016. Despite the employment status in Citi, I got a wonderful access to apply my resignation letter. Then, it was approved perfectly. 

I spent my first two weeks in Ramadhan in Jakarta, conducted Iftar party with various communities, such as: LPDP mates, high school fellas, and Citibankers. All of them were absolutely interesting, but when the timing has come, yeah! Time to go home!

The last two weeks: Family Time

Sure, it is a high priority mandatory. We did tons loads there, leveraging from the non-serious activities until the hype one. We went to explore a new dish, towns, and others. 
Juang Lo Chinese food - Banjarmasin
Kapuas - Central Kalimantan
One of the best thing was we went to old time activities: cleaning the fish pond and private swimming pool, as well as cooked the Banjarese traditional food. In the past previous five years, the pool and the whole grandfather territory was perfectly works. Unfortunately, when my father continued his Doctoral Degree education, non of us take care of the pools. So we was trying to make it works phase by phase once more.
Fish pond cleaning 'party'.
Grabbed the fish for food ingredients.
After the water circulation system had been fixed, daddy and bro swam on our private pool. 
 A kind of Banjarese traditional food.

Halal bi halal 1437 H

On the first day of Lebaran, we went to our grandfather home, gathered with the other families and asked for forgiveness for what we had done wrong in the past. In addition, there was also an fascinating tradition in the Lebaran day: visiting the friends of my fathers. 

So we took the photos with others inspirational figures during the Halal bi halal event. 
In a single frame: Governor and Vice Governor of South Kalimantan (Sahbirin Noor-Rudy Resnawan).
In a single frame: Mayor and its pair of Banjarbaru (Najmi Adhani and Darmawan Jaya Setiawan).
Singe shoot: Mayor of Banjarmasin and his deputy (Ibnu Sina and Hermansyah).


In conclusion, home town is always be an amazing place to spend the Ramadhan and Lebaran. I have had express my gratitude about this blessing, Alhamdulillah.

Antragama Ewa Abbas (Antra)


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