A Web Portal for Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration


The article was created in the 2011 when the writer pursued his Bachelor Degree in Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB). The idea behind the article was to critically analysed the paper: an open source web portal as a tool for knowledge sharing and collaboration. 

After re-read the essay on these day, I then appreciate the reason why the tutor gave me the “Good” mark instead of the “Excellent” option. In addition, I’ve just recognised that I elaborated the concept of the knowledge management, which possess knowledge as a “thing”, a resource to be stored in the system. The main point of this view is how the knowledge management system enables the context of capturing, storing, transferring and retrieving the knowledge.

To sum up, glad to see the improvement here. 

Original Title (should be): An analysis of deploying an open source web portal as a tool for knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Full Resource: Please refer to the link here.



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