to The Marshmallow: Keep in Touch and be Well Connected

Promise friend, this is about neither theories nor reflections of the process of innovation. At the end of the day, we’ve finally finished it! Then throwing back to twelve weeks ago, the day you guys requested me to join this wonderful team, was one of my gold offer I’d ever gotten.

In terms of combining the team member’s efforts, completing missions in a group indeed bring the tasks beyond the ordinary level. However, by overcoming the problems, we have seen the advantages of ‘teaming’ will outweigh the disadvantages. Then, I couldn’t be more grateful to spend my twelve weeks (in one of the most hardcore module in this term) with you guys.

Despite all the achievements (‘unbeaten’ until week ten), the development of a ‘strong tie’ relationship is an important fact to be noticed. Therefore, I personally believe we can retrieve the positive impact of the network somehow and someday in the future.
The marshmallow team: Kaori, Thev, Me, and Pe
To Thev, appreciate all of your massive effort during these two days. Through the sleepless night, you’ve more than credible to get the highest credits in the contribution of ours.
To Kaori, highly acknowledge your latest sleepless night as well, you did contribute a huge number in the analysis part. Thank you for being a good listener and the most patient person in the team. 
To Pe, I can’t be more grateful to receive your contribution during all of your peek weekdays. One another important point to notice: thank you for making me realize that everything has their own time, everything has their own momentum.  
Last but not the least, as an ‘early-bird’ person, it was undeniably my first experience to submit the assignment a minute before the deadline. The feeling was mixed, cheers for bringing me the experience!

Once more, Thank you and please forgive all my wrongdoings! 
Have a lovely break and Happy Christmas! 

With love,

Antragama Ewa Abbas


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