A Review of Day's Restaurant Brighton: a First Experience of 'All You Can Eat'

Life was getting tougher in the exam period of the University of Sussex. Trough the storm of exams, projects, and essay, my personal life was 'taken' during this period of time. Nevertheless, let the end begins! 

To celebrate this 'little break' (this premise was chosen because I still have an exam left next week), I rewarded myself to enjoy an 'all you can eat' restaurant in Brighton: Days - day's buffet restaurant. This idea came from my roommate, whose this restaurant belong to his favourite one. In consequence, I spent my precious 15 GBP in order to get an access to the whole restaurant. 

The Starter

Let the starter begin. There was plenty of food to be chosen (if I can count it, it will be more than ten types of food). Don't get me wrong since I'm not a food lover, so I just picked almost all of them (excluding of those which restricted by my religion).  Here is the example of the starter kit.
This is the visualisation of the Day's Restaurant where we can select our favourite starter.
My selected starter. Do I only pick this dish? No, I don't. This is just an example, I did eat four more plates. 
How about sushi? Add a little say sauce to generate its perfection.

The Main Course

I can't really remember the food name which I've selected as the main course.However, I do believe it's a kind of Japanese food. Does anybody recognise what kind of food it is?
The 'unknown' food as the main menu! This was extremely delicious. I call it 'Tonight champion'. 

This food was freshly made by the chef there. We can select which ingredient we wish to add, for instance: beef, vegetables, noodles, etc. 
It all started here. Pick what you want! 
This food was the best food I tested this night! But please bear in mind, once more, it was not the only food I ate. There were more than you can imagine since I spent almost three hours in the restaurant.

The Dessert

Time to end the show! I didn't eat that much; cake (and also, pancake), ice cream, a kind of fruits, etc. This is how it looks like:
Time for a Dessert!
Pancake and ice cream! what a champion combination. 


To conclude, I personally recommend the readers to go to this restaurant. All of the food, the environment, the services are incredible. However, it is not without any negative point. One point to be noted is the fare somehow overprice. It will charge you for almost 15 pounds. The best way to deal with it is to go to the restaurant beside the Saturday night. If you go for only a lunch, if I'm not mistaken, it only cost 8 pounds. Such a price, isn't? 

Thank you for spending your precious time to read this article. See you somewhere, folks!


  1. So many delicious food recommendations!!
    Love all of these!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. So yum. Thanks for sharing with us! I love sushi!


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